What is Japandi? The New 'Trendi'

Inspired by Japanese interior design and the Scandi interior movement, Japandi is, quite simply, a combination of the two. As both styles are inherently minimal, they work in tandem with each other fantastically. Whilst ultra-modern scandi homes can sometimes feel a little lifeless and clinical, the influences of the Japanese fill these character voids excellently in a few different ways.

Scandi Style Recap

First of all, let's get ourselves reacquainted with Scandi styling and why this style has become the most popular in interior design.
Scandi interior design is defined by minimalism, letting each placed item breathe with space around it. Partially popularised by Swedish furniture giants IKEA, the Scandinavian look has evolved to be simple and clean looking. The key elements of Scandi design are clean lines, minimalism and a lack of clutter according to Apartment Therapy.
The key to the style is to think carefully about your furniture, as all items should be functional and fit the space well.

The New Trendi

Japandi has been gaining popularity for good reason, it effortlessly blends two ends of the globe in a coherent and stylish way. A key feature of Japandi that has been suggested is the use of dark accent colours and concave curves to get a Japanese feel.
Personally, I have been waiting for the style to really blossom before attempting any rooms in this style. Now that the key features have been established and there are examples of methods which can be drawn on, I undertook my first Japandi room and I was amazed by the outcome!
A neutral Japandi living room with a wallpaper mural
I utilized an incredible Japandi wall mural which really set off the room. Coupled with the gorgeous nest of tables in a darker wood with flared Japanese-style legs, I loved the way it came out. Japandi offers a slightly more characterful but also relaxed version of the traditional minimal Scandi look, and I think this is why it will become extremely popular.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful! If you are interested in any of the topics mentioned here feel free to get in touch! You can also view the full collection of Japanese wallpaper mentioned here.


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